Home Up Cinderella Snowshoe Hares

We had a very large rabbit which weighed fourteen pounds the last time we got her to stand on a scale. She went by the names Cinderella (Dad named her), Cinder, Bun Bun, and Bunny. She played a large part in Sage’s secret schemes, as you may have noted if you read  Nefarious Plot. Steve and I spent many dozens of hours plugging up the holes and escape tunnels in our yard, so we could let her hop around out there when it was nice. It was amusing to point her out when visitors came, and listen to their surprised comments. Unfortunately, she died this past summer, due to kidney trouble. You can see a picture of her on the Pictures page.

Bun_holes.JPG (119777 bytes)This is one reason that Mom disliked Cinder. She dug numerous holes around the perimeter of the yard. I really didn't mind, but it irked Mom for some reason. Here and two such holes.