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I play many computer games, all under the alias of Snowshoe Hare. Way back when I started playing computer games, I went through many different handles, such as The Lone Archer, Lynx, and Loam, but I was never fully satisfied, so I finally chose Snowshoe Hare partly because I had seen a cool picture of a Snowshoe Hare, partly because I liked the name, and partly because I have a movie about wildlife, and the Snowshoe Hare looked neat. It also gives me a wimpy appearance (Snowshoe Hare? Hell be easy to whoop.), thus deceiving my enemies in whatever game Im playing.

Currently I only really play Dragon Court, an on-line role playing game, which is highly addictive and amusing, I do enjoy some others as well. It can bee played at

NetHack it a tiny (in file size) freeware Role Playing Game (RPG) that is very complex, addictive, and amusing, but suffers from its lack of sound and graphics. Pete thinks the designers should sell it to ID Software, and that ID Software should make it 3D. I think that it would be a waste to do all that while it is still turn based, but once you got rid of the turn based system, made it 3D, and added sound, it would be a completely different game. Anyway, you can download NetHack at, if you want to see it.