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When I started thinking about making a web site and how I would lay it out and everything, I was going to create it all by myself, and completely show up my two older brothers. I would also complete it with all due speed. The first I think has happened, but that second, alas, did not come to pass. Due to the generosity of Dr. James Femister, who lent me a number of his books on design and typography, and the unfortunate ornery activities (or lack thereof) of our computer, my site has taken quite a while to wrap up. I also am at fault because I keep adding sections to the original plan, but all in all, the wait has been more beneficial than harmful.

The various books that Jim lent me were written by this one lady (Robin Williams), all under the title Non–Designer’s _______ Book, and I’ve found them to be very helpful — not just in designing this site, but in giving me a firmer grasp of what I should and should not do in typing anything — compositions, newsletters, church bulletin inserts for Mom, et cetera, and why that is so. I highly recommend them, or even just one.