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Guinea pigs are, in my humble opinion, most likely known for the expression “to be a guinea pig” meaning to be tested upon, generally for something that the effect is not known or the could be dangerous or fatal. A lesser know fact is that guinea pigs are greatest pets in the world. Now, some may argue that I am not in a position to say something like that, since I have only had guinea pigs, rabbits, and goldfish, but I still think they are they best. They sit quietly in your lap when you want to hold them, and don’t chew the carpet or scratch the furniture, and don’t need to be taken for walks every day. I have had many guinea pigs over the years (although some, technically, were my brother’s, but I had to take care of them, and I loved them more, so in all but name — he got to name “his” — they were all mine). 

I give you the choice of clicking My Guinea Pigs, which is a great epic about the sad tales of my guinea pigs throughout the ages, and all their adventures and misfortunes, or you can click Guinea Pig Care, and see what I have garnered from my subscription to The Guinea Pig Daily Digest.