Nefarious Plot
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Pastor Sage.jpg (62058 bytes)I spent a couple days several months ago prowling around house, trying to sight some of the native wildlife, and it was a huge success. I have my findings posted on this page. I donned a disguise, gloves, and a hat, and began my search. Here we have Sage practicing his oratory skills, in one of the less sinister pictures. Although he had no audience, he was still preaching away on the book of Psalms.


Sage, Podium.jpg (80359 bytes)Once again, I found Sage (also fondly called The Crunchable Pig) practicing for the ministry. This time he was at his makeshift podium. Although he hadn’t managed to get his bible up there when I appeared, he was still squeaking loudly.


Tunnel 2.jpg (68262 bytes)tunnel.jpg (82736 bytes)This is where Sage starts showing his darker side. I caught Sage emerging from one of his many escape tunnels into his Lair. He has the house networked with secret tunnels and passageways, which helps in his evil deeds. Notice the startled expression that the flash evicted. Although I attempted to entice him with a carrot, you can see him quickly backing away in fear in the second picture (later, the carrot was gone; eaten or cached).


Clementines.jpg (87300 bytes)Once again Sage is up to his many devious plots. Here I found him pilfering from the Clementine basket. The picture is a little blurred because he was so enraged at being sighted while out of his cute but slightly bewildered façade that he charged me, and I had to save the other incriminating evidence from a certain destruction at his paws. And I had to make sure I wasn’t injured as well.


planning.jpg (68190 bytes)A couple days later I snuck down into Sage’s Lair, only to find that he and Bunny were plotting a most devious plan! Only too soon would I find out the sad consequences of their mischievous activities. They then split up, Sage going one way, Cinder going the other.


Bun Sneaking.jpg (52763 bytes)I followed Bun Bun to see what see what she was up to, and was astonished at her efficiency and silence in making for her destination — a real professional at this kind of work. Here she is looking around a corner, before going in for her prize.


lettuce.jpg (63654 bytes)Here we see the first part of their plan, but the worst part is yet to come. After she got what she came for, she went to her own Lair and busily devoured an ill–gotten food ration.


Kill 20s!.jpg (79930 bytes)Now we see the full unfortunate consequences of their actions. I searched and searched for Sage, but he was nowhere to be found. I finally went back to his Lair, and there he was. Sage had stolen a twenty, his arch–nemesis, and was in the process of destroying it — knowing full well what great anger (along with a prison sentence for a federal offence)  it would cause if found out.


resting.jpg (75571 bytes)Bunny appeared shortly after I arrived (don’t forget, I was still hiding from them), and reported to Sage that her part went without a hitch. After spending all that time doing dastardly deeds, they decided to take a break and get some rest in Sage’s Lair. Sage was suffering slightly from indigestion because of the green ink in the twenty. 


Wrestling.jpg (84268 bytes)Because Sage couldn’t rest, he made a pitiful stab at wrestling Cinder to the ground. She didn’t quite realize that he was actually attempting anything that involved her, and he eventually gave up with great frustration.


Bun's Lair.jpg (66940 bytes)By this time, it was getting late, so Cinder went back to the safety of her Lair before any humans arrived back from their outing, and noticed the suspicious activity of the duo. See the toy we had given her to placate her? This is how she repays us.


Chris, Sage.jpg (53331 bytes)I then hung up my camera and went to hold Sage to see if he knew about my own secret activities, but he appeared as cute and bewildered as usual, and I think that he only saw me during the Clementine incident and when he emerged from his escape tunnel, but between my holding a camera at my face, and his poor vision, he didn’t realize who it was — I hope. Recently, though, I've been hearing strange banging in the workshop side of the basement, and I fear something more devious is being planned. Something, perhaps, in revenge for this publication...