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Welcome, if you come with no evil intentions. If you come with evil intent, or to degrade any aspect of my site, may many crashes befall you, and may rabid goldfish eat your monitor, if that is possible. If not, I suggest hosing down the computer to get rid of al that dust -- it slows the processing. 

I am Christopher D. (D.) Green, although some might recognize me more readily as Snowshoe Hare or The Shrubbery. I am fifteen, home schooled, and a member of Lehigh Valley Presbyterian Church. I also have a rare genetic disorder called Marfan’s Syndrome, which explains why I am thin and bony, and can do neat things with my fingers. It also means I can’t play any competitive sports because my the connective tissue in my heart is weaker than it should be. I also have poor vision, also because of that annoying connective tissue (who would know that it was so important?), hence the glasses. I have two older siblings: Daniel, twenty, who is currently enrolled at Johns Hopkins, and Peter, eighteen, who is currently enrolled in Lehigh Valley Christian High School. I also have two younger siblings: Stephen, twelve, who also is home schooled, and Benjamin, five, who is in Pre–Kindergarten.

So far, I have compiled pictures, links, my interests, an of–the–week page, and my on–going autobiography in newsletter format (also known as Hare–Raising Adventures). I might add other stuff later, but that is it for now. I hope you enjoy poking around and seeing what I have.

Chris.jpg (77177 bytes)Here I am, trying to figure out how the pieces go back together, only to realize half an hour later that I was holding napkin rings, not one of those mind bending puzzles. The shame of it. I don't know what happened to my hair in that picture...



Please E–mail me at with all the corrections or suggestions that you have — I know this site is immersed in errors, and I need you all to help me make it better. Don’t forget to send in ideas for my thought of the week section, or if you have anything else you want to say, feel free to send me a message.

I want to thank Gabe West and Mom: to Gabe, for inspiring me to start this project, and for helping me with some of the technical aspects early on when I got in above my head. To Mom, for proofreading and editing. I also want to thank Jim Femister for the use of his scanner and all the encouragement he has given us to buy computer games and better hardware and software over the years, as well as the people who run for the MIDI files. Sarah Plowman also deserves some mention for helping with the pictures: lending me the digital camera and then working hours on end to send me the pictures on floppies. Finally, I want to thank Robin Williams (even though she will never see my site, in all likelihood) for writing all those Non–Designer’s books which I have read and found very insightful.