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Here are some pictures of me, my pets, my family members, and some other things.
I apologize that Daniel and Peter are not here.
Peter refused to pose for the shot
and Daniel is down in Baltimore.
I also apologize that my picture is messed up —
I could not take them myself, of course,
and so I was at the mercy of the photographer,
who shall remain unnamed.

Dearly Departed and Current Residents

Dad_side.JPG (37236 bytes) Dad_front.JPG (43339 bytes)
Dad, David, Dave, Mr. Green, Charles (rarely)

Mom_side.JPG (32045 bytes) Mom_front.JPG (41931 bytes)
Mom, Ruth, Mrs. Green

Chris_side.JPG (36093 bytes) Chris_front.JPG (28629 bytes)
Christopher, Chris, Snowshoe Hare,
Master Green (rarely, unfortunately), Nuggets (rarely)

Steve_side.JPG (25777 bytes) Steve_front.JPG (31334 bytes)
Stephen, Steve, Sven, Svenson, Green (by the neighborhood kids)

ben profile.JPG (24509 bytes) ben mug.JPG (30455 bytes)
Benjamin, Ben, Benno, Funny/Silly Guy, Peanut

Bun_side.JPG (63495 bytes) Bun_front.JPG (41103 bytes)
Cinderella, Cinder, Bunny, Bun, Bun–bun
(died on July 9, 2001)

Nut_side.JPG (62591 bytes) Nut_front.JPG (46450 bytes)
Nutmeg, Little Nutty, Nutty, Nut–foo, Nut

Sage_side.JPG (61423 bytes) Sage_front.JPG (46012 bytes)
Sage, Sagey, The Crunchable Pig, Crunchpig

My Domain

Bed_area.JPG (54254 bytes)
My living quarters, along with Sage and Nutmeg

Guinea Pigs, Past and (in One Case) Present

Sage_carrot.jpg (40351 bytes)
Sage, see above


desk.jpg (37347 bytes)
Thyme, Thymish


Choc_carrot.jpg (42706 bytes)
Chocolate, Choc


Ben.jpg (37219 bytes)
Sawdust, Saw


Spice.jpg (37716 bytes)


Spice_Gypsy.jpg (30448 bytes)
Spice and Gypsy


3_pigs.jpg (36517 bytes)
Spice’s litter, Pepper, Cinnamon, and ?

Saw_and_Choc.jpg (24029 bytes)
Chocolate, Sawdust (see above)