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Newsletter #25
I have here, chapter by chapter, my autobiography from Fall 1999 to the present. I am always perplexed by people who ask whatís new, or how thing are going,  as Iím never sure whether they want the complete story about how I went to a play, what I thought about the play, how it could have been better, and how the play affected the rest of the week (or whatever the latest incident was), or if they are just being polite and donít really want to waste the time to hear all the minute details of my life (I have a suspicion that it is the latter) . I found a rather mundane but effective way to circumvent these scenes by sending out a newsletter. It is by EĖmail, mostly, but a privileged few receive it in paper and ink form, and it tells everyone what has happened in the past month or so. By doing this, I also feel less guilty about not writing a diary for when Iím 85 and want to read about when I was young and carefree (or so I assume I will appear to myself at that distant point in the future). So here I give you my newsletters. I will usually to post the latest one shortly after I send it out.