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Nefarious Plot
Guinea Pigs
I greatly enjoy animals, as will become all too apparent if you venture farther into this part of my site. For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to become a veterinarian “when I grow up.” (I was looking through my third grade portfolio, and I came upon a place where I had written that I wanted to be a vet, even then.) Lately various unnamed individuals have been pushing me to go into the field of the written word, and while it is a sore temptation, I, for now at least, still wish to become a vet — not to say that I wouldn’t write something anyway... I just wouldn’t go at it fulltime. But I digress. I always liked animals, and so I have a gallery about me guinea pigs, a place for our deceased rabbit and Snowshoe Hares, and a story about the clever machinations of our bunny and one of my guinea pigs, Sage. Have fun.