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These are links to family, friends, acquaintances, and sites worth mentioning (and some rare occurrences where those categories overlap).

Family, Friends, and Acquaintances’ Sites — This is my friend Michael’s site. It is mostly drums and pictures. — This is the family’s web site. It hasn’t been updated in several years, but it does have a few things. — This is my oldest brother Dan’s site. There isn’t much there, but there are some pictures and links. — This site is run by my older brother Pete and his friend Gabe. It is basically an anti–AOL site, but he does have some links and funny pictures.

Guinea Pig Related Sites — Seagull’s Guinea Pig Compendium — a great site in itself, and has very many links to other related site. The Guinea Pig Daily Digest is an E–Mail digest that is completely dedicated to the discussion of guinea pigs (believe it or go).

Humorous, Amusing, and/or Interesting Sites — This is my church’s site. — This the National Marfan Foundation’s site. — This is the site where I got my MIDI files. — This is Gabe’s Martial Arts teacher’s website, which Gabe designed. — This is a site dedicated to cheese. They claim to have 652 different cheeses listed, but I haven’t counted.  — This is a website dedicated to the testing of peeps (a candy), in the spirit of scientific advancement and enlightenment. — Here you can buy Acme Klein bottles. I think it is some sort of joke for scientists and engineers, along with being a store, but it is amusing to lowly me none the less. — This is a great example of people who have too much time on their hands. They made several machine guns and ammo for these machine guns completely out of Legos,  and say that the best one shoots at a rate of 500 rounds per minute. They even have pictures and step by step instructions in making the guns.